Paris-Sud's Foundation

The Paris-Sud Université Foundation was founded in 2010 to support the University’s activities with three roles: to support research and the dissemination of knowledge, to help make Université Paris-Sud a more open, inclusive and caring place to study and work, and to embody the University’s values.

To this end, it creates links with the socio-economic world and puts sponsorship at the University’s service. In 2017, it also committed to collecting donations from individuals and companies.

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The Paris-Sud Université Foundation provides various ways to support university community projects:


Structuring projects over several years, our chairs develop innovative subjects related to research projects, scientific mediation actions, career paths or even industrial applications. They rely on long-term partnerships with companies as part of a sponsorship agreement.

Targeted projects

Through the collection of donations online, the Foundation supports concrete projects around its four strategic priorities:

* Equal opportunities, so as to reduce inequalities (social situation, disability, etc.) among students, to promote their success and facilitate their studies, their daily lives and their integration

* Educational innovation, to further guarantee students’ success and employability

* Dissemination of knowledge to all audiences and to create links between science and society

* Support quality of life through information, awareness or transformation measures related to sustainable development issues.

Project support

The Foundation puts its team and tools at the service of projects supported by Université Paris-Sud staff and students in various forms: provision of an online donation platform, managing funds and prices, active monitoring of sponsorship and seeking funding.

Florence Cordier. © EDF


Founded in 2010, and extensively reorganised in 2018, the Paris-Sud Université Foundation is chaired by Florence Cordier, EDF Ile-de France’s employment representative, and relies on a management board with 17 members, representatives of Université Paris-Sud and qualified individuals.