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Research at Paris-Sud

Since its inception, Paris-Sud University has earned international recognition for the outstanding quality of its scientific research. In 2011, Paris-Sud stood out as the leading French university in the Shanghai ranking and consistently ranked among the top 50 universities in the world, receiving numerous awards and distinctions.


  • 2,500 teachers-researchers and researchers across 82 laboratories
  • Almost half of its 590,000 m² premises are dedicated to research
  • Some 6,000 international publications per year with an above-average impact factor in most disciplines, two thirds of which are based on international collaboration
  • Partnerships with major national research organizations: CNRS, Inserm, CEA, Inria and Inra

Wealth of Disciplines and Scientific Fields

Research at Paris-Sud covers a very broad spectrum of disciplines and scientific fields. A few examples:

- At Paris-Sud University, research in mathematics and physics is of the highest international standard. Apart from providing significant contributions to our understanding of the Universe, is serves as a strong base for research in other disciplines such as computer science, chemistry and biology.

- Pharmaceutical research at Paris-Sud University is driven by the close collaboration between chemists and biologists. It focuses on the different aspects of therapeutic innovation, from the identification of active principles and therapeutic targets, to the vectorisation of drugs.

- Medical research, whether basic, clinical or translational, allows Paris-Sud University to play a forefront role in major fields such as: oncology, immunology, biotherapy, endocrinology, reproduction, neuroscience, public health.

- In the field of sport and physical education, Paris-Sud University conducts leading-edge research, with a special focus on motricity, psychological or social dimensions of sport, and risk behaviour.

- In social science, Paris-Sud University focuses on law, economics and management associated with new technologies and innovation, with extensions in history of science and technology. The University stands as an international reference in canon law.

Open Technology Platforms

Paris-Sud promotes the networking of equipment and human resources to support the development of research through the implementation of technology platforms that are widely available for the industry... The geographical proximity of major research organisations (CEA, CNRS, Inserm, Inra, Inria...) with which it shares most of these facilities provides a significant advantage.

Competitiveness Clusters and Research Networks

By bringing together research laboratories, training facilities and companies within the same territory, competitiveness clusters seek to foster synergies as well as innovative and collaborative projects in order to take a leading position in their respective fields, in France and throughout the world. Paris-Sud University carries out multidisciplinary initiatives in partnership with other institutions of the Paris-Saclay Campus, such as “Systematic”, in the field of complex systems and information and communication technology. Paris-Sud University participates actively in several competitiveness clusters such as Medicen, in therapeutic innovation; Moveo, in research and development in the automotive industry and public transportation; and Astech, in aeronautics, space, and onboard systems. This involvement is reflected at two levels: the governance of clusters and participation in thematic committees which provide the first level of selection for approved projects; the contribution of our laboratories to many research projects.The University is also a partner in other “Réseaux Thématiques de Recherche Avancée” – RTRA (Advanced Research Topic Networks) such as “Triangle de la Physique”, “Digitéo”, École des Neurosciences of Paris Île-de-France, and the “Fondation de mathématiques Jacques Hadamard”.

Exploitation of Research through Strong Industrial Partnerships

The exploitation of research has always been one of the University’s main concerns, as demonstrated by the publication of research results, research training, the links between research and teaching and industrial partnerships. Since 2003, Paris-Sud has been working towards the exploitation of its research results through its Direction des Activités de Recherche et de l'Innovation (DARI).

A Strong International Presence

Paris-Sud University forms part of the international network of major research universities. In Europe, as a member of the League of European Research Universities (LERU), and around the world through academic agreements with 145 universities in 85 countries. It supervises 160 joint PhDs.