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Laboratories of excellence

Paris-Sud University, a member of the future Paris-Saclay University, receives funding from the French government for 11 research projects considered to be Laboratories of Excellence. These research projects, recognized as Investments in the Future, enable researchers on specific subjects, from various fields, to work together in the same laboratory.

  • LASIPS: sustainable development, energy and health
  • LERMIT: Biologists, medical scientists and chemists working together to design and develop future medications
  • Nano-Saclay: Flagship projects in nanoscience and nanotechnology (future electronics, nanomedicine, energy control)
  • PALM: Fundamental and applied physics (condensed matter, atomic and molecular physics, optics, lasers and extreme light)
  • P2IO: A response to major issues, from the infinitely small (particle physics) to the infinitely large (cosmology)
  • SPS: Plant biology applied to strategic scientific issues such as understanding mechanisms at work in plants
  • BASC: Human impact on the planet
  • CHARMMMAT: How to deal with pollution using chemical, physical and computer sciences
  • LMH: Mathematics
  • ECODEC: Economy
  • DigiCosme: Computer sciences