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Doctoral schools and PhD

Preparing a PhD at Paris-Sud University provides the opportunity to conduct research in a high-level and international scientific environment. As a PhD student at Paris-Sud University you access a training that prepares for an academic career as well as for one in industry. Our PhD students are selected and monitored by research teams gathered, according to their research field, in 20 doctoral schools.

Starting from September 2015, our doctoral schools directly depend on Paris-Saclay University, which now awards PhD degrees for all its member institutions.

A PhD is a training in research through research, and PhD students conduct their work in research teams under the supervision of a PhD advisor. They are registered in the doctoral school to which their research team belongs. In order to be accepted as a PhD student, the usual procedure is to contact first possible PhD advisors (a list of PhD subjects is usually available on doctoral school websites or on laboratory websites).

Some PhD projects include funding for a PhD contract: the selection is then made by the team, in consultation with the doctoral school. However, additionally a demand for a PhD grant has very often to be done jointly by the research team and the student applying for the PhD. This is the case, for example, for contracts awarded by doctoral schools through a competition process taking place each year from March to June: the detailed procedure is different for each doctoral school and can be found on their websites.

A joint application from the research team and the student has also to be done for many other funding sources. Students should thus contact possible home teams early enough (ideally in winter or early spring for a PhD registration at fall).

With approximately 2,600 doctoral students and 600 doctor graduations each year, Paris-Sud University is a key player of research training in France. It is the first French university that has obtained ISO 9001 certification in 2010 as part of the quality process for all its doctoral training. 

More informations about applications (in French) on Paris-Saclay University website

PhD under joint supervision

Jointly supervised PhDs with registration both in Paris-Sud University and an institution in another country are possible: This should be discussed first with your possible home team and the doctoral school, who will then launch the administrative procedure. For more information visit our dedicated webpage.

Doctoral Schools


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