They came from Sochi to the Faculty of Sports Science (UFR STAPS)

Since 2016, each year the Faculty of Sports Science at the Paris-Sud University has launched a special programme: the MELS (Sports Events Management) International Session. For six weeks, final year masters courses are taught in English and open to partner universities from all over the world. This year, five students from Sochi University, in Russia, made the trip.

For final year master’s students in Sports Events Management (MELS), the 9 October 2017 marked the start of six intense and very enriching weeks. French students welcomed students from Kazakhstan, Portugal, Russia, etc. onto their courses and enrolled at Sochi University (Russia) with whom UFR STAPS has signed an exchange program.

For Christopher Hautbois, a lecturer at UFR STAPS and head of teaching, this supported exchange with Sochi University is a foregone conclusion. Indeed, it is a university reputed in the field of sports management and which welcomes an international audience. It makes it possible not only to make connections and offer new opportunities to students from Paris-Sud University, but also to share our knowledge.

This partnership complements exchanges already in place with European, American and Canadian universities. Discussions are taking place to arrange a similar agreement with a university in China.

Christine Le Scanff, head of the UFR STAPS, also recalled in her welcoming speech to the students of this International Session that the objective for the UFR STAPS in the years to come was to propose more and more courses in English that are open to international students.

Contact: Christopher Hautbois, lecturer

Student testimonials

Anastasia Bocharnikova (Russia)
‘Having courses in English is a real advantage in sports management. I went to study in the United States and Sochi University for this reason. […] Also, it is nice to spend time here in France, because it is snowing right now in Russia!’

Carlos Augusto Gutierrez Ortiz (Colombia)
‘I really like the courses I am taking, even if we cover some things we have already studied in our university in Russia. But even when studying things that I already know about, it is interesting to share our experiences and our background with the students and professors.’

Arsen Tuleuov (Kazakhstan)
‘My aim is to have an international experience, and then to use it to improve the way sports events are held in my country. […] Paris is a beautiful city, I have already taken part in a 20-km race in Paris since I arrived.’

Ivo Carvalhosa (Portugal)
‘It is a wonderful opportunity because Sochi University pays for all of my studies, which are of a really high standard. And also, there is this strong international dimension which will be able to help me later. If possible, I would like to find work in my own country but if needed, I feel ready to work anywhere in Europe.’

‘We felt like we fit in very quickly in France, we go to the canteen, to the gym. In fact, we already feel like French students, and the other master's students help us to feel well integrated.’