Sponsorship agreement with Air Liquide for the Chair in “Another Kind of Physics”

A ceremony was organised on the 13th June 2019 to mark the signature for a four-year renewal of the sponsorship agreement between Air Liquide and University of Paris-Sud, for the “Another Kind of Physics” Chair.

The “Another Kind of Physics” chair promotes the development of innovative initiatives for the popularisation of modern physics for the general public, notably through the creation of a novel network for research and reflection (bringing together physicists, teachers, designers, artists, etc.) or by setting up a range of physics demonstrators in open source (developed with designers, etc.).

As a world leader in gas and technologies and services for the health industry, the Air Liquide Group has supported the “Another Kind of Physics” chair since 2013. As explained by Henri Chevrel, director of Europe Research and Development at Air Liquide: “Science is effectively one of the essential components of Air Liquide Group innovation, developed with an approach that is robustly open to its ecosystem. This collaboration allows us to further explore the best ways for sharing scientific spirit and attracting talent.”

Developing new initiatives for scientific mediation

With the renewal of this sponsorship for four years, the “Another Kind of Physics” group, which emerged from the solid-state physics laboratory research group (University of Paris-Sud/CNRS), will be able to develop new initiatives in the scientific mediation field.

The aim is to showcase physics in a different way to the general public, in particular in matter physics, through innovative initiatives such as collaboration in the design field, through interdisciplinary projects, collaborative workshops and by developing new ways for presenting and representing science.

Born of an exchange and open science initiatives, these activities also allow the development of a multidisciplinary network bringing together teachers, students, mediators, researchers, designers, etc., to address the challenge of scientific communication.

Contact : Julien Bobroff – “Another Kind of Physics” Team – Laboratory of solid-state physics (LPS – University Paris-Sud/CNRS) – julien.bobroff @ u-psud.fr