Paris-Sud University is one of the first 25 institutions accredited with “Choose France” certification


Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education and Research, unveiled the first 25 institutions which were awarded “Choose France” certification during the Campus France research and innovation meetings on 8 July 2019.

Created as part of the attractiveness strategy for international students, the “Choose France” certification aims to guarantee the quality of arrangements for receiving international students by means of a national standard recognised and certified by the government. It represents a sign of confidence for international students and a tool for promoting and expanding the influence of French institutions abroad. Issued for four years by Campus France and validated by an independent commission, it is awarded to institutions which meet the high levels for reception arrangements.

Obtaining this certification is a recognition for Paris-Sud University which has been working for many years to provide quality arrangements for receiving its international students. In fact, nearly 5,000 foreign students from 144 countries enrol in courses provided by the university each year.

A recognition for the quality of its arrangements for receiving international students.

Paris-Sud University supports internationally supervised student mobility through its International Relations Office and international relations offices in each of its departments. A welcome booklet, French as a Foreign Language course, discovery days, student associations, events and tutorials are available to foreign students to kick-start their studies at Paris-Sud University.

Mobility is the core of international action and so is assuming more integrated forms: Masters’ in English, double Masters’ degrees, Erasmus Mundus Masters’, a consortium of French universities in the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH), etc. These different forms of international education are based on student mobility usually combined with teaching staff mobility.

The assessment for obtaining certification was performed based on indicators relating to international students and divided into five main areas: quality and accessibility of information, quality and accessibility of reception arrangements, accessibility and support for teaching, accommodation and campus quality of life, and the quality of post-graduate follow-up. Collecting this information is the result of extensive work carried out by Paris-Sud University’s Strategic Guidance Department together with the International Relations Office, Academic and Student Services Department (DEVE), Careers Services and Corporate Relations Department (D OP-RE), Educational Innovation Department and the university’s departments.

The quality of the reception of international students is a key issue for Paris-Sud University. The “Choose France” certification consolidates the policy implemented to ensure this quality at the highest level. Paris-Sud University is delighted with this recognition.

Paris-Saclay University is a recipient of the “Choose France” call for projects

Furthermore, as part of the “Choose France” plan, the Ministry of Education notified 76 institutions in June of the amounts received, relating to 152 actions, as part of the call for projects with the same name. The latter is provided with € 5M and intends to develop measures to improve arrangements for receiving foreign students. Paris-Saclay Comue (association of universities and higher education institutions) is one of the recipients.