Alain Sarfati, elected President of Université Paris-Sud

Alain Sarfati was elected President of Université Paris-Sud on Wednesday 16 January 2019. He succeeds Sylvie Retailleau who was recently elected as President of ComUE Université Paris-Saclay. 

The new Vice-Presidents of Université Paris-Sud were also elected during the course of the Board of Directors (CA), Research Committee (CR) and Education and University Life Committee (CFVU) meetings, which were held during the day.
Alain Sarfati was elected by 24 votes out of 30 members present at the Board of Directors meeting held on Wednesday 16 January. 

Alain Sarfati is a university professor at Université Paris-Sud and a specialist in aggregate physics and complex quantum systems. He was Assistant Director (2008 - 2012), and Director (2012 - 2016) of the Polytech Paris-Sud School of Engineering. Since 2016, Alain Sarfati has been Vice-President of Université Paris-Sud’s Board of Directors.

Alain Sarfati continues the project led by the president’s team so far. The construction of Université Paris-Saclay on 1st January 2020 will be the key objective of 2019, but it will be just as important for this new team to ensure the quality of operations at Université Paris-Sud during this term.

“I intend to be Paris-Sud’s voice in the group made up of our Université Paris-Saclay partners: that of its units, its staff, its students, in a spirit of harmony because it is only together that we will be able to go further,” said Alain Sarfati. Alain Sarfati’s election is nearly a year after the foundation of Université Paris-Saclay, which the university will be amalgamated into as of 1st January 2020. It is, according to the words of its mission statement, “a significant year ahead of us, full of objectives and its attendant labour, but also full of enthusiasm which generates major projects (...) and I attach particular importance to social dialogue with all staff and their representatives.”

The presidential team formed

During the day, the Board of Directors (CA), as well as the Research (CR) and Education and University Life Committees (CFVU) took place, which enabled the election of the Vice-Presidents who make up Alain Sarfati’s presidential team. In order to continue the project conducted since 2016, this team is to a large extent identical to the preceding management team. 

Jean-François Peyrat: Vice-President of the Board of Directors and responsible for digital policy. Jean-François Peyrat is a university professor in pharmaceutical science and healthcare products at Université Paris-Sud. Up until now, he has been President’s Advisor to Sylvie Retailleau.

Étienne Augé: Vice-President for Research and Innovation. Etienne Augé is a university professor in particle physics at Université Paris-Sud. He has held this position since 2012. 

Anne Guiochon-Mantel: Vice-President for Education and Student Life. Anne Guiochon-Mantel is a university professor – hospital practitioner (PU-PH) in cell biology. She is head of the Molecular Genetics, Pharmacogenetics and Hormonology Department at Bicêtre Hospital, and is a member of the INSERM “Hormonal Signalling, Endocrine and Metabolic Pathophysiology” Research Unit.
Pascal Corbel: Vice-President for Corporate Relations and Lifelong Learning.

Pascal Corbel is a university professor in particle physics at Université Paris-Sud. He is the co-ordinator for the Paris-Saclay Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre Steering Committee (PEIPS).

Isabelle Demachy: Vice-President for Educational Changes. Isabelle Demachy is a university professor in physical chemistry at Université Paris-Sud. She is head of the School of Fundamental Science at ComUE Paris Saclay, an elected member of the ComUE Paris Saclay Board of Directors since 2015 and was Vice-Dean for courses and teaching at UFR Sciences from 2011 to 2016.

Hervé Dole: Vice-President for Scientific Mediation, Art, Culture and Society. Hervé Dole, a university professor at Université Paris-Sud, is an astrophysicist at the Institut d’Astrophysique Spatiale in Orsay (IAS - CNRS/Univ. Paris-Sud). He was Assistant Director of IAS and a member of the French University Institute.

Sylvain Franger: Vice-President for Human Resources Management and Social Policy. Sylvain Franger is a university professor in materials chemistry at Université Paris-Sud.

Sandrine Lacombe: Vice-President for International Relations. Sandrine Lacombe is a university professor at Université Paris-Sud and is head of a Nanomedicine and Particle Therapy research group. She was head of the European research mission. She is the Director of the Erasmus Mundus SERP Chem International Master’s and co-ordinates the European MSCA-ITN-ARGENT research programme.

Antoine Latreille: Vice-President for Estate and Sustainable Development. Antoine Latreille is a university professor in private law and crime science. He was Dean of the Jean Monnet Faculty of Law-Economics-Management at Université Paris-Sud from 2013 to 2018. He was elected to Université Paris-Saclay’s Academic Council and is Co-Head of the School of Law and Political Science.

Vice-President for Students, Kevin Wurtz's term was not up for election. So, he will continue his role in this new presidential team.