Cachan students shine at the French Robotics Cup

Thursday, 10 May 2018, 150 teams from all over France met at the Parc Expo des Oudairies, in La Roche-sur-Yon, to participate in the French Robotics Cup. Among them, the CRAC, the Robotics club of the Cachan IUT finally climbed to an excellent 4th place.

The French Robotics Cup is a fun, scientific and technical challenge of amateur robotics aimed at teams of young people passionate about robotics or having educational projects for young people. Teams must consist of several people. This meeting allows much knowledge and know-how to be shared between the participants. Participants must design and build an autonomous robot, in accordance with the rules, in the spirit of this meeting and able to participate in matches. Participants can be helped by a teacher, but the design and construction of the robots must be the result of their own reflections.

An excellent performance

Over 4 days, the 16 students from the IUT have fought it out to try to get as high as possible in the competition. In parallel, they continued to work on their robots on the stand they were assigned. After a close semi-final against the future winner of the competition, the CRAC robot finally finished in 4th place, a great performance for the students. They tell us:

"It was a very intense week. The matches follow one another fairly quickly and each match must be a performance in order to be in the first sixteen in order to go on to the finals. The competition always pushes us to be better and the euphoria of a match won is the reward for our work. The atmosphere is just great!!! We never thought we would get to where we were. It is just an extraordinary experience!!!"

Everyone says that if they had the chance, they would do it all again without hesitation!