Winter School in Palestine - WHISHEPP IV

On Sunday, November 10, 2019, An-Najah National University's Physics ‎Department in cooperation with the University of Paris Sud 11 and the Linear ‎Accelerator Laboratory (LAL) launched the activities of the Fourth Winter School of ‎High Energy Physics in Palestine (WISHEPPIV) for the fourth time on a row at the ‎Prince Turki Bin Abdel Aziz Theatre in the New Campus. WISHEPPIV is sponsored ‎by the Consulate General of France in Jerusalem and CERN.‎

The event was attended by Prof. Maher Natsheh, President of An-Najah, Dr. Kherieh ‎Rassas, An-Najah’s Vice ‎President for International Development and External ‎Affairs; Eng. Adnan Samara, Chairman of the Higher Council for Innovation & ‎‎Excellence; Dr. Ehab Kobbaj, Representative of the Minister of Higher Education ‎and Scientific Research; Prof. Achille Stocchi, Head of LAL and Co-Chair of ‎WISHEPP; Dr. Ahmed Bassalat, Chair of WISHEPP and staff member at An-Najah's ‎Physics Department and Dr. Maen Ishtaiwi, Head of the Physics Department as well ‎as a number of An-Najah's academic and administrative staff and students and other ‎prominent figures.‎

An-Najah National University and Université Paris-Sud are collaborating since many years, now even thanks to the ICM Erasmus program.
Chantal Escudie, Adbenour Lounis, Guillaume Philippon, Florent Robinet, David Rousseau, Marie-Hélène Schune and Achille Stocchi, benefited from an Erasmus Teaching grant in order to attend and speak at the Whisshepp fourth edition in Palestine.

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WHISHEPP Presentation video produced by An-Najah Nationale University

The Ecole nationale Polytechnique meets Erasmus+ Algeria

New exchange between the Ecole National Polytechnique d'Alger and Paris-Sud University, for a teaching mobility, the opportunity to give courses in Adequacy Algorithms Architecture to 5th year students in electronic engineering.

This mobility also made it possible to meet the Director of the Erasmus+ Algeria office, Malika Kebri, who presented the different Erasmus+ funding mechanisms and thus make known the various possibilities available to students and institutions. The event was broadcasted live on Facebook. (Event poster here)

The new administrative and pedagogical team were present at this event, which allowed constructive and promising exchanges for future collaboration.

Franco-Palestinian meeting at Paris-Sud University

In June 2019, a delegation of professors and administrative staff were welcomed at the Faculty of Science as part of the collaboration between An-Najah National University and Université Paris-Sud, sealed by the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility programme since 2018.

We had the pleasure of meeting Professor Mean Ishtaiwi, Dean of the Faculty of Science at An-Najah University, Ahmed Bassalat, Hadil Abualrob, Muna Ishtaiwi, Thuraya Tibi, Mohammad Dwaekat members of the Faculty of Physics, as well as Nisreen Hamadneh member of the Faculty of Engineering.

Also present at an outdoor meal with Palestinian flavours organized by Palestinian students themselves, inviting all LAL students and teacher-researchers involved in the collaboration between the two institutions.

Teaching at Battambang University - Cambodia

A group of professors from the Université Paris-Sud and retired professors from the SEFCA association (formerly AFSFC) went to teach students at the University of Battambang in Cambodia in May 2019.

Buntha Ea Kim, an engineer and professor at the Optics Institute, Pierre Le Barny, former professor at IUT Orsay, Bernard Legendre, professor emeritus at Université Paris-Sud, Jean-Christophe Marvaud, lecturer at the Pharmacy Faculty, Siden Top and Michel Pédoussaut, former director of IUT d'Orsay, all participated in this mission to teach students various concepts including: molecular spectrometry, thermochemistry, chromatography, food microbiochemistry, fluid mechanics and atomic absorption spectroscopy.

All this with the aim of strengthening quality control and food safety within the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Information.

This mission was also the opportunity to organise a competition for the selection of the 10 students who won the Erasmus+ scholarships awarded by Paris-Sud at the beginning of the academic year in September 2019.

Administrative mobility in Cambodia

In May 2019, Anne-Lise Braesch was received at the University of Battambang by the administrative team, including the Rector, Her Excellency Emtotim Sieng, and by the pedagogical team of the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Processing in order to share the practices of the two institutions in terms of project management. The Cambodian institution is itself a member of the consortium of two capacity building projects funded by the Erasmus+ programme.

Event at Ecole Nationale Polytechnique d'Alger: Virtual flight live

Samir Bouaziz, Teacher at Polytech Paris-Sud, was received from 06 to 14 April 2019 in the electronics department of Ecole Nationale Polytechnique d'Alger as part of an Erasmus+ teaching mobility.

The objective was to provide courses and practical work for undergraduate students at the Ecole Polytechnique d'Alger as part of the cooperation between the two "polytechnique" institutes.

Through a programme that brought together various notions of electronics such as digital electronics systems, COTS and multiplexed buses, Mr. Bouaziz was able to pass on his knowledge and know-how to students while participating in the coordination of upcoming student and teacher exchanges during an event recreating live real conditions of a virtual flight.

This new exchange once again marked the scientific cooperation between Polytech Paris-Sud and the Ecole Nationale Polytechnique d'Alger.

Visit from Battambang University to Université Paris-Sud

Université Paris-Sud had the pleasure of welcoming from March, 11th until the 25th 2019, Pao Srean, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Processing, Seiha Lim, Head of the Laboratory and Practical Work Division of the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Processing, and Sophary Khin, Professor and Researcher at  University of Battambang in Cambodia. We also had the pleasure of hosting Her Excellency Emtotim Sieng, Rector of the University of Battambang, Cambodia, from March, 18th until the 24th 2019.

On March 18th, a welcome meeting and lunch was held at the Faculty of Pharmacy in the presence of the three Cambodian teachers in training mobility, Pao Srean, Seiha Lim and Sophary Khin, Imad Kansau, Dorine Bonte and Eric Morel from the Pharmacy Faculty, Bruno Darracq from the IUT d'Orsay, Buntha Ung - Ea-Kim from the Optics Institute, Sandrine Lacombe, Vice-President of International Relations at Université Paris-Sud, Anne-Lise Braesch in charge of ICM projects and Nelly Bensimonn.

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Attendees to the meeting :

Front row from left to right: Imad Kansau, Pao Srean, Sandrine Lacombe, Emtotim Sieng, Bernard Legendre, Sophary Khin, Seiha Lim

Back row from left to right: Nelly Bensimonn, Anne-Lise Braesch,, Buntha Ung, EA-Kim, Researcher at the Optics Institute and Coordinator of International Relations with Cambodia, Michel Pédoussaut, President of the French Association of Senior Volunteers for Scientific Training in Cambodia, Pierre Le Barny, AFSFC member, Eric Morel

Teaching mobility in Cambodia - Institute of Technilogy of Cambodia

In the framework of the International Credit Mobility project between the University of Paris-Sud and the Cambodian Institute of Technology (ITC), Pascal Aubert and Bruno Darracq, teachers at the IUT in Orsay, had the opportunity to carry out a teaching mobility from March, 22nd until the 29th 2019.

The content of the teaching program consisted in developing practical workshops of Electromagnetism (Helmoltz Coils) and in providing these courses and practivcal workshops to the 2nd year students of the core curriculum students.

This exchange programme had a double objective: to improve students' practical skills, as well as to improve the pedagogical strategies of ITC and Paris-Sud teachers by teaching their curriculum to a different audience.

Franco-Ukrainian Winter School - Kharkov Karazin National University

Thanks to the ICM Erasmus+ teaching mobility, 4 teacher-researchers participated in the winter school organized by Karazin National University of Kharkov, which aims to promote scientific exchanges in the field of high energy physics. The school registered about sixty Master and PhD students,  and about fifteen French and Ukrainian speakers who participated in the 5-day Winter School.

 The speakers organized conferences and meetings to be in direct contact with the university's professors and students. Lectures for Master students completed their educational program. Some of these students could also be selected for an internship or a thesis later on at the Université Paris-Sud.

 The program of teacher-researchers from Paris-Sud focused on the basic theoretical physics of quarkonia. lepton universality on the standard model, high-energy physics, medical physics, the modern concept in accelerators as well as high-energy detectors.

The School was attended by Mr Sylvain Rigollet, scientific and academic attaché of the French Embassy in Ukraine at the time.

The event benefited from a high visibility in local media:

- Link to a video broadcast on Ukrainian television - Speech by Sergey Barsuk

- Link to a video shot by the university press club - Speech by Marie-Hélène Schune and Maksym Titov

Mobility of administrative and teaching staff - University of Balamand

"I had the pleasure of carrying out the first training mobility at the University of Balamand as part of the Erasmus + ICM project, obtained by Université Paris-Sud.
For my first time in Lebanon, I was able to discover a country that I did not know from the inside. I was welcomed by the Director of the Issam Fares Faculty of Technology, Elias Khalil. Although my training is oriented towards European projects, this stay also enriched my cultural knowledge and skills.

The purpose of my stay was to do a training in the Faculty, I also discovered the work culture in the University field.  There are two working cultures that confront each other, which, thanks to a willingness to carry out these collaboration projects and despite their differences, manage to implement joint actions by getting the best out of both worlds.

It was a very rich journey of cultural discoveries both in the daily lives of the inhabitants and in the way they operate in their work environment. Cultural competences are the subject of lifelong learning. I recommend that all my administrative colleagues and teachers take advantage of the opportunities offered by Erasmus, to be able to immerse themselves in another culture for a few days, in order to discover a new way of working and to compare ideas in order to bring out new ones".

Cambodia: Philippe Meyne and Thierry Guilbaud teaching at ITC

From January 28th until February 01st 2019, Philippe Meyne and Thierry Guilbaud, associate professors in the Department of Physical Measurements, visited the Cambodian Institute of Technology (ITC) in the framework of an ICM Erasmus+ agreement.

The objectives of this stay were to improve the pedagogical skills of Cambodian teachers as well as French language teaching in the partner institution and to increase the practical skills of ITC Core Curriculum students.

During these 5 days, they were able to carry out an inventory of the practical work equipment of the Core Curriculum, discuss the strategies of this department to propose new pedagogical practices and improve the organization and functioning, as well as actively prepare and present practical mechanical work to the 2nd year students.

Incoming training mobility for ITC teaching staff

During the 2018/2019 academic year, 4 teachers from the Cambodian Institute of Technology were hosted at the IUT d'Orsay within the Erasmus training mobility for teaching staff framework. They were taken on by Bruno Darracq, Pascale Aubert and Buntha Ea-Kim.

They were able to develop practical work jointly with the teachers of the IUT, visit and manipulate the laboratories and then forward their gained skills to their students.

The visits took place in November 2018 for Drs. Sovann Long and Sarwaddy Chau, on the first photo along side Bruno Darracq, Pascal Aubert and Bastien Vincke, and in June 2019 for Drs. Theany Heng and Sopheak Sun in the second photo alongside Bruno Darrack, Pascale Aubert, Buntha EaKim and Gilles Laschon, IUT Director .

Winter School in Palestine

The third Winter School of High Energy Physics in Palestine (WISHEPP-III) was held from November, 10th until the 16th 2018 at the Department of Physics, New Campus, An-Najah National University, Nablus (Palestine).

The programme was dense: conferences for university students, a seminar for high school students and a public event where physics is presented for non-specialists. A plenary conference and seminars opened by renowned speakers on the latest discoveries and awarded the Nobel Prize. Eminent speakers from the LAL, CERN and the University of Florence were present, including Marie-Hélène Schune, Florent Robinet, David Rousseau and Achille Stocchi from Université Paris-Sud who were awarded an Erasmus+ MIC grant for these teaching missions.

More information about the winter school here