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Exemption resolution for new non-EU UPSaclay students in 2019-2020

In keeping with the motion voted by its Administrative Board on 19 December 2018, Université Paris-Saclay intends to develop a firm policy of attractiveness for national, EU and non-EU students. As such, for the 2019-2020 academic year, admitted candidates who are concerned by the decree relating to tuition fees in public higher education institutions reporting to the ministry of higher education will pay the same tuition fees as that of national students without having to file a special request. Such partial exemption will be enforced until completion of the degree concerned, except in the case of repetition where exemption will be subject to the decision of a commission.

Administrative procedures for admission take a long time. It is always best to initiate yours a year before you actually come to France.

The first step is the application. Later, upon arrival, you have to register as a student. After all this paperwork, you can start your courses.

First step : Application

The first step is the skills endorsement procedure. This allows the university to decide whether you have the requisite knowledge for studying in France. At the end you receive a skills endorsement certificate (certificat de validation des acquis).

The application process requires you to follow a number of steps, depending on your nationality, country of residence and the degree you are applying for.

More information about application procedures for Bachelor and Master's programmes is provided in French.

If you want to do a doctoral degree, read the information on the webpage Doctoral Schools.

Second step : Registration and course start dates

Registration begins in early July each year and is organized by the our Faculties, Institutes and School of Engeneering. Depending on the course you choose, the academic semester starts between September and November, and your course will end in May or June.

Paris-Saclay Masters

Paris-Sud University shares 49 masters of Paris-Saclay University. If you apply for one of these masters, you should first apply online on http://www.universite-paris-saclay.fr/formation/admission. Then, if you will need to follow these step in order to register in Paris-Sud University.

Exchange programmes

If your University signed a agreement with Paris-Sud University, read this webpage to apply as an exchange student.