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About us

Multi-disciplinary and with a strong focus on science and health, Université Paris-Sud is one of the most prestigious universities in France, ranked among the foremost worldwide. It has 82 internationally-renowned laboratories and welcomes 32,000 students, of whom 2,400 are doctoral candidates and 5,000 are international. It employs 4,300 teacher-researchers and researchers and 3,100 members of engineering, technical and administrative staff. It has an outstanding environmental heritage in an exceptional setting, especially on its Orsay campus. Université Paris-Sud is a founder member of Université Paris-Saclay.

Sylvie Retailleau, Paris-Sud University's president. © F. Beloncle pour UPSud

With ongoing intensive research in a wide range of fields, our university is particularly famous for its very high level in basic research, especially in Mathematics and Physics, areas in which it has made significant contributions to understanding the world and the universe, while hosting numerous  research programs in Computer Science, Chemistry and Biology. Our research in Health Sciences have translated into many innovative and successful   therapies in a number of medical fields. Our teams in Law, Economics and Management are conducting highly original research in areas such as new   technologies or innovation. Finally, cross-sectional research is carried out throughout all disciplines, for example, in Sports Sciences and Motor Control. All  of our research is conducted in laboratories shared by many world-class research organizations (CNRS, INSERM, CEA, INRIA, INRA) whose involvement has contributed to their international outreach.

Paris-Sud University not only built its prestige on the quality of its research, it also boasts an extensive choice of academic disciplines at Bachelor, Master  and Doctorate level, but also in technological training. Our academic training is open to the outside society and features: cutting-edge research in all fields,  multidisciplinarity, innovative pedagogy adapted to different audiences, basic or life-long training, professionalisation of the different curricula, including at  doctoral level. The outstanding environment and quality campus life offer both students and young researchers the best possible conditions for acquiring knowledge and skills at the highest level.

Paris-Sud University is firmly grounded in society. By fostering industrial collaboration, it strives to translate the discoveries of its researchers into valued  sources of innovation and new jobs, but also to promote the employability of its students. It also develops many activities to disseminate scientific and technical culture, artistic culture and actions at the crossroads of both worlds, with a special focus on the development of the triad “Science-Culture-Society”. All of these actions address the community – both staff and students – but also the general public and school audiences.

Set in an exceptional scientific environment, the Paris-Sud University works with all higher education and research partners in the region to further   increase the international visibility of all actors within the framework of the Université Paris-Saclay project, of which it is a major player. Meanwhile, with the  prospects offered by the development of its real estate properties, Paris-Sud University holds a unique situation in which it can strengthen its position among the world’s leading universities and further increase its attractiveness for students, faculty and faculty researchers, researchers, technical and  administrative staff, all of which contribute to successfully fulfilling the university’s missions and ensuring its prestige.

Paris-Sud University is an active member of the League of European Research Universities (LERU), which promotes basic research.