The position of Université Paris-Sud is outstanding in the latest rankings


Université Paris-Sud strengthens its position as a research-intensive university of international standing in the recent Shanghai Global Rankings of Academic Subjects.

The 2018 edition of the Shanghai ranking was put online on Tuesday 17 July, designating the best institutions worldwide in 54 subjects based on research criteria. This rating confirms the quality of research conducted at Université Paris-Sud.

In mathematics, Université Paris-Sud rose to an excellent 2nd place in the world (+ 3 places compared to 2017) behind Princeton University (United States) and ahead of Stanford University (United States). In physics, Paris-Sud has increased two places to achieve 10th position. In clinical medicine, the University is the 1st French university, ranked 35th overall. It is the same for statistics, where Paris-Sud raised France to 43rd position. Finally, in materials science and engineering, Paris-Sud is ranked 32nd.

Several criteria are used to rank the 4,000 or so institutions on the list: the number of articles published in scientific journals over the period 2012-2016, the “impact factor”, international collaboration, the number of articles published in the best journals over the period 2012-2016, or the number of people working for the institution to have won a significant award in an academic subject since 1981.

Paris-Sud is also distinguished for the quality of its teaching

Université Paris-Sud has hence seen the value and soundness of the broad scientific basis on which it has built its reputation confirmed. In addition to its very high-level research put at the service of understanding the world, its students’ success and society’s needs, Université Paris-Sud can also be proud of featuring as a leader among European universities for the quality of its teaching.

Indeed, on 11 July 2018, the British magazine, the Times Higher Education (THE), published a European ranking of universities based on the criteria of quality of teaching, “The Europe Teaching Rankings”, where Université Paris-Sud appears in the Top 20 of the best European universities, ranked 17th.

To achieve this ranking, THE mainly relies on a survey of 30,000 European students, taking four criteria into account: student involvement, students’ success, learning environment and institutional resources.

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