Inauguration of International Talents Reception Point


The international talents reception point GATE (Guichet d’Accueil des Talents Étrangers) was inaugurated on Thursday 6th September 2018 at the University Paris-Sud's Orsay campus by the President of the University Paris-Sud along with the three founder members: Palaiseau Sub-Prefecture, the University of Paris-Saclay and the association Science Accueil. International students, scientists and salaried workers coming to the Paris-Saclay cluster now have a one-stop shop where they can take the main administrative and practical steps in connection with settling and living in France.

Reception of those arriving from abroad is a key factor in enhancing the academic and scientific standing of every university, higher education institution and research hub within the area covered by the Paris-Saclay Cluster. It is a pre-requisite for the successful creation of a world-class campus. International researchers and students currently represent 23% of the total population of the University of Paris-Saclay. Their number is set to grow significantly in the coming years along with the development of the Paris-Saclay Cluster.

One place, multiple services

Launched on Thursday 6th September 2018, the international talent reception point, GATE, has been set up to provide international students and scientists at the Plateau de Saclay with access to a range of centralised services all in one place to deal with the principal administrative steps in preparation for settling in France.

This one-stop shop brings together the range of services delivered by the Sub-Prefecture, the Universities of Paris-Saclay and Paris-Sud, the higher education and research institutions in the area, Science Accueil (1), CPAM (social security), CAF (family benefits), Essonne, CROUS (student services), RATAP (regional public transport), UT DIRECCTE (regional agency for competition, consumer affairs, labour and employment), student health insurance mutuals, Pôle Emploi (state employment service) and Campus France (services for international students), to facilitate the settling-in process for international students, scientists and salaried workers in the Saclay area whilst minimising time and travel.

GATE will be open this year between 3rd September and 30th November 2018, at University Paris-Sud’s premises in Orsay, near the RER Line B station (building 311), from Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm.


Note :

(1) The Science Accueil organisation has for 20 years specialised in supporting the incoming mobility of national and international scientists in the Ile-de-France area, together with their families.