Welcome to 10 Cambodian students

In September 2019 Paris-Sud University welcomed 10 Cambodian undergraduate students, who were selected for a year of studies at Paris-Sud University as part of an International Credits Mobility whithin the Erasmus+ programme. This exchange takes place between the University Paris-Sud and the University of Battambang. and is strongly supported by SEFCA, Sciences and Education for Cambodia organisation.

Attendees to the meeting : Buntha EA KIM, Dorine BONTE, Imad KANSAU, Éric MOREL, Bernard LEGENDRE, LEANG Seng-Kim, Jean-Christophe MARVAUD, Anne-Lise BRAESCH, Chantal ESCUDIÉ, Sébastien PERRIN and the 10 Cambodian students in the front row: Gechkeang TAING, Nona PHOUM, Sodamalin SEM, Kimlinh MOM, Kakda NOEURN, Sotheara NHORK, Chansy, NY, Savoeuy SOK, Lymeng ROEUN and Samnang PHEN.

Eight Erasmus+ internship grants for Lebanese students

Eight students from the Faculty of Technology, University of Balamand completed an internship in France as part of the ERASMUS + International Credits Mobility programme.

The students were able to do their internships on various topics at the Satie laboratory, the Electrical Engineering Laboratory in IUT of Cachan and the Systèmes Engineering Laboratory in Versailles.

Yamen El Moghrabi - Student at University of Balamand

"My feedback regarding the ERASMUS international mobility is that it was an incredibly productive 2 months worth trip to France as I have developed academical and social skills through interfacing with the people at the receiving organization and also with people whom I have met on a daily basis".

Jennifer Chebel - Student at University of Balamand

"My internship in the framework of the Erasmus program was useful to me.
I have learned what it is like to work independently, how to successfully solve any problem I face. And how to depend on myself. In addition, it was a great opportunity for me to live abroad, which was also very pleasant. The environment in which I worked was very friendly. This is one of the many reasons why I enjoyed my internship".

Rasha Massoud - Student at University of Balamand

"The 2 months training were an unforgettable prime opportunity to expand my knowledge base at the academy and social level. It exceeds my expectations of how beneficial it was to me personally. In brief, unique chance worth getting out of your comfort zone to broaden your horizons especially in the most extraordinary place in the world. I would never hesitate in saying yes again to such opportunities".

Jihad Abou Daher - Student at University of Balamand

"Hope you are doing well. Concerning the training it was very beneficial to me to be part of the project done at the IUT de Cachan. Mr. Jean Yves Le Chenadec and the technician Mark were always by our side to guide and help us. This training made me more familiar with using electronics and solar panels. The only problem was the language, most of the staff in the IUT didn't speak English so my friend who knew English had to translate everything. Regarding France it is an amazing country with beautiful places".

Richard Louvancour testamony - University of Balamand (Lebanon)

Discover the testimony of Richard Louvanvour, GEII student at the IUT of Cachan, who spent 1 year at the University of Balamand in Lebanon, in a curriculum for connected agriculture. Click on the photo to see the video.

The internship from January to July was funded by the ICM Erasmus + grant.

Two internships in Lebanon on the theme of Connected Agriculture

The Erasmus+ International Credits Mobility program allowed Richard and Anass to do an internship in Lebanon, the first as part of his DUETI and the second for his DUT Geii internship.

Richard: "My mission is to carry out in one year an autonomous agricultural robotics project that will take care of a medicinal plant plantation, lemon balm. The objective is to produce educational material in collaboration with teachers, using innovative technologies and developing a new kind of training, which combines agronomy and robotics.

Anass: "My mission is to carry out the two-dimensional mapping of an agricultural field to follow the evolution of the field thanks to a camera fixed on the robot, manufactured from by Richard from scratch with many recovery parts, but also purchased. I have many tools made available by the University, workshops where we can use laser cutting, milling machines, etc., which will also allow me to help Richard in the realization of his robot.

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5 Palestinian trainees at LAL


Between April 2019 and July 2019, the Linear Accelerator Laboratory of Orsay hosted 5 Palestinian students from An-Najah University: Theraa Tork, Afnan Shatat, Yahya Khwaira, Basheer Kalbounet and Mohammedamin Halbouni.

The students came as part of the Erasmus+ International Credits Mobility programme and each received a grant for the duration of their internship. 4 of them also received a 10-month scholarship for studies starting in September 2019.

The The 5 Palestinian students in the presence of the ICM project manager from Paris-Sud University.