International Credit Mobility Erasmus+ programme

The International Credit Mobility allows students and staff members to experience international exchange between Université Paris-Sud and 6 non-European universities in 2018/19 and 2019/20. This programme is funded by the European Commission.

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Information and communication technology

 Samir Bouaziz (samir.bouaziz @




  Bruno Darracq (bruno.darracq @

  Imad Kansau (Imad.kansau @




 Pascale Vareille (pascale.vareille @



 Achille Stocchi (achille.stocchi @



 Sergey Barsuk (sergey.barsuk @


Student mobility


We advise you to consult your home and stay university web site and to meet with the coordinator, in charge for the programme in your home university.


To apply for an internship or study mobility, make sure you have the following documents:

  • Passport identification page
  • A Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivation letter
  • Two last transcript records
  • English language certificate (minimum B2)
  • Letter of recommendation by a professor
  • For internship stays : you must have a liability insurance coverage
  • Learning agreement for studies or internship



International students will receive a €850 grant per month during their stay. Possible durations are between 3 to 12 months for studies and between 2 to 6 months for internships. Travel costs will be borne by the exchange programme.

Recognition of mobility

Incoming students will receive a transcript of 30 ECTS for one semester and 60 ECTS for two semesters, which will be recognized by the sending university.
For internships, students will receive a certificate of achievement issued by the host institution and obtain credits, after defense in their home university.

Students with special needs

Complementary funds are available for students with special needs and disabilities. Those funds aim to facilitate the participation of concerned people to the ICM programme.

Staff mobility

Staff mobility is an integral part of the ICM project in order to foster knowledge and competences sharing through international exchanges. Both teaching and training mobility are planned in each of the 6 partner institutions.


Teaching, administrative and technical staff will be asked to provide a Curriculum Vitae and a motivation letter describing the adequacy of their teaching and/or training assignment with regard to the needs of both institutions. They will also have to attest their language proficiency.


Incoming staff will receive a €160 grant per day. Travel costs will be borne by the exchange programme.

How to apply ?

 All destinations are not available to everyone. Please check the country web pages to access this information.

Student and staff can apply for this programme online. The selection jury composed of members of from all partner institutions will ensure respect of the non-discrimination principle as welle as equal opportunities for eligible applicants.

Before submitting your application please ensure that you meet all selection criteria and inform the person in charge of the programme for your country. Students must submit their application at least 4 months before their departure and staff at least 2 months before.

Apply to a mobility to an international university partner


Apply to a mobility to Paris-Sud University



For any further information, please contact Anne-Lise Braesch (anne-lise.braesch @
(anne-lise.braesch @