STREAM Programme

This exchange programme aims to develop a network research mobility for students of the following universities:

  • University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy
  • Université de Genève, Swiss
  • Universiteit Leiden, Netherlands
  • Lunds Universitet, Sweden
  • Université Paris-Sud, France
  • Universiteit Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Universität Zurich, Swiss

Research placements offered at Université Paris-Sud

  • Biology

Regulation of the initiation of ciliary growth

Identifying new players involved in the maintenance of genome integrity

Study the Genetic Control of the Inflorescence Phenotype in Tomato

The role of miRNA during melanoma invasion and proliferation, in vivo study

  • Chemistry

Reactivity of fluorescent protein upon irradiation

Inhibitors of a microbial metabolic pathway as potential antibiotics

Design and synthesis of nontoxic self-immolative spacers

New generation of thermogalvanic cells: design, development and performance

Why are some proteins so sensitive to oxidative stress?

Development of nanoparticles for radiotherapy

Bioinspired photonic structure for energy and environmental applications

New iron complexes with smart second coordination sphere : towards more
efficient bioinspired oxidation catalysts

Nanoparticles of coordination polymers for applications in nanomedicine and catalysis

Modelling of vibrational circular dichroism spectra: a new tool for structure characterization of chiral molecules

  • Physics

Nano-structured porous materials

Spectral imaging of primitive meteorites

High-Redshift Galaxy Clusters: data, models, predictions for JWST and Euclid

Study of the interplay between superconductivity and quantum magnetism: a new route toward topological superconductivity?

Pairing and topological phases in cold atoms with long-range interaction

Novel topological superconducting states with 2D Dirac materials

Self-assembly dynamics of hepatitis B virus capsid probed by time-resolved static light scattering

Microfluidics-directed self-assembly of DNA-based nanoparticles

Identification of single photon sources in 2D materials

  • Economics

Behavioral and International Economics


Students interested in a research project should contact the STREAM coordinator at his/her university.

Only applications from nominated students will be considered.

Contact at Université Paris-Sud: Severine Fogel (severine.fogel @