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Exchange Programmes

If you are not coming as an exchange student, please visit our page on
admission procedures for international students.

Exchange students

Every year hundreds of exchange students from all over the world spend time at Paris-Sud University as part of their degree. You may be able to study here through the following programmes:

ERASMUS,  MICEFA, BCI, TASSEP,or Bilateral agreements

Modules are available across many fields  and are part of the normal curriculum, enabling international exchange students to study alongside France-based home students.

In addition to, there is a new internship exchange programme with six European research intensive universities. Please visit the website of the STREAM programme.

French language requirements

Very few programmes are taught in English (see our international degrees). We highly recommend that applicants for French degrees have attained level B1 in French as a minimum. However, no language certificate is required.

How to apply

First, contact the International Relations Office of your university and apply to them. Once you have been accepted on an exchange programme by your university :

Apply online

-  Upload the necessary documents (Academic transcripts, Learning Agreement and your coordinator's signed confirmation)

-  Complete the application before June 5th for the 1st semester, or if you will be staying for a whole year

before November 15th for the 2nd semester.

Student handbook

This short document is aimed to give you useful links and information on Paris-Sud University, preparation of your stay, at your arrival and student life.

Click here to download it

You can also consult general information from the e-International Welcome Office on https://www.universite-paris-saclay.fr/en/e-international-welcome-office

French classes

Courses at Université Paris-Sud are most often delivered in French. You must speak some French. If such is not the case, so starting learning French at your home institution is mandatory.

French as foreign language intensive course

You will undertake a placement test before classes start. You MUST attend this test as there is no other way to determine which group you will be in.

Registration will be done during class n°1. FLE teachers advise you to have a grammar book and an MP3 recorder/reader if your level in French is quite low.

For science students on Orsay Campus

From Tuesday morning, August 28th 2018 to Friday afternoon, August 31st 2018

Where ?  Language Centre, Eiffel Building (CentraleSupelec) 8-10 rue Joliot-Curie   91190 Gif-sur-Yvette

Bus no. 7 / 9 / 91.06B   Stop at : MOULON

Contact : « Secrétariat FLE Paris-Sud », Bâtiment Eiffel, office LC 353, 3rd floor

Additional information :

Mandatory placement test Tuesday morning, August 28th2018 at 10:30

 Eiffel Building (CentraleSupelec)  room LC 303, 3rd floor

Classes on Tuesday 28th, Wednesday 29th, Thursday 30th and Friday afternoon (included) 31st of August 2018

You will get information on your group and class times after the placement test

For students in Law, economics, management, Medicine and Pharmacy

From Monday morning, September 3rd 2018 to Friday afternoon (included), September 7th

Where ? Faculté Jean Monnet


French classes for all international students

Between September and April, you can attend French as a foreign language classes (2h/week)

Further information

If you wish to study French for a year

Diplôme Universitaire de Français Langue Étrangère de la Faculté des Sciences de l’Université Paris-Sud (DU FLE) is aimed at international students who wish to pursue their studies at Université Paris-Sud but who do not have the level required in French (B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Further information


incoming-exchange.international@u-psud.fr (incoming-exchange.international @ u-psud.fr)
Direction des Relations Internationales
Université Paris-Sud
Bâtiment 490
91405 Orsay Cedex

Partner Universities

Find our partner universities throughout the world listed by country, university or field.

Further information is provided on the MICEFA, BCI and  TASSEP websites