An international outlook

Université Paris-Sud  is a truly international institution. An important share of its students go abroad every year for part of their studies. UPS also  hosts a large number of foreign students. In 2008-2009 over 4,800 students from over 132 countries spent some time at here..

Université Paris-Sud comprises 5 university campuses, 3 institutes of technology and 1 institute of engineering. Université Paris-Sud offers a wide selection courses. University sites and institutes are located along RER B train line, ensuring direct access to the centre of Paris.

The laboratories, research teams and teaching staff of Université Paris-Sud  have extensive experience managing exchange programmes with foreign universities and research centres.

The various partnerships include:

  • Sending students abroad for part of their  studies, hosting foreign students through exchange programmes such as Erasmus (Europe), Erasmus Mundus (Europe and other  countries), MICEFA (the United Sates), CREPUQ (Quebec, Canada) and bilateral programs.
  • Helping developing countries to set up new curricula and partnerships such as double-degree programmes.
  • Supporting applications to the European Community or bilateral programmes to set up international research networks.

The International Relations Office of Université Paris-Sud offers funding to launch these collaborations, grants for studies at Master's level and postdoctoral research.

It  also assists exchange students and guest researchers with administrative formalities and look for accommodation.