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International Degrees

Paris-Sud University offers different kinds of high quality international programmes: Erasmus Mundus Master’s or PhD degrees, international double degrees, English taught programmes operated in France… All of them prepare students for a successful career in an intercultural and international work environment.

Erasmus Mundus Master's degrees and PhDs

The Erasmus Mundus programmes intends to foster the quality of European Higher Education and to strengthen intercultural understanding thanks to university cooperation throughout Europe and the world. Paris-Sud University offers 3 Erasmus Mundus Master's degrees et 2 Erasmus Mundus PhD degrees.


Master : SERP+ - Surface, Electro-, Radiation-, and Photo- Chemistry
Partner Countries : Poland, Italy, Portugal
Contact : Sandrine Lacombe


Master and PhD : ALGANT - ALgebra, Geometry And Number Theory
Partner Countries : Italy, Netherlands, India, Canada, South Africa, Germany
Contact : Elisabeth Bouscaren (master) and Christophe Breuil (PhD)

Economics and management

Master : EMIN - Master Course in Economics and Management of Network Industries
Partner Countries : Spain, Netherlands
Contact : Serge Pajak

Double degree Master programmes

The following Master's degrees are offered in cooperation with our international partners. Students study at Paris-Sud University and at an international partner institution. They receive diplomas from all universities where classes have been followed. Programmes are taught in English. For some of the degrees students might opt for French taught classes.

Computer Science

Master : Innovation in Human Computer Interaction and Design
Partner Countries : Sweden, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom
Contact : Michel Beaudoin-Lafon


Master 2 : Physics of Complex Systems
Partner Countries : Italy
Contact : Silvio Franz

Master : Nuclear Energy
Partner Countries : China, India
Contact : Frederico Garrido

Master : Double Master Degree in Physics
Partner Countries : Italy
Contact : Pierre Desesquelles

ICT / Engeneering

Master : French Italian Laboratory for traing and research in Computer Science and its applications
Partner Countries : Italy
Contact : Arnaud Bournel and Chantal Escudié

Master : Engeneering Degree and Master Electrical engeneering
Partner Countries : Taiwan
Contact : Arnaud Bournel and Said Zouhdi

Master : Engeneering Degree and Master Electrical engeneering
Partner Countries : Spain
Contact : Arnaud Bournel and Chantal Escudié

Master : Engeneering Degree and Master Electrical engeneering
Partner Countries : Canada
Contact : Said Zouhdi

English taught Master's degrees (no double diploma)

The following Master's degrees are offered in cooperation with different French universities and are taught in English.


Master 2 : Gene Cell Development
Contact : Anne-Helene Monsoro-Burq


Master 1 : General Physics
Contact : Tiina Suomijarvi

Master 2 : Nuclei Particles Astroparticles Cosmology
Contact : Iolanda Matea

Master 2 : Nanosciences (Can be preceded by M1 PON)
Contact : Arnaud Bournel

Master 1 : Physics for Optics and Nanosciences (PON) (Can be followed by M2 Nanosciences)
Contact : Arnaud Bournel

Master : International Concepts in Fundamental Physics Master
Contact : Marc Gabay

Electrical Engineering

Master 2 : Advanced Wireless Communication Systems
Contact : Arnaud Bournel

Master 2 : Integration circuits and Systems
Contact : Hervé Mathias

Master 2 : Multimedia networking
Contact : Michel Kieffer

Master 2 : Optical Networks and Photonic Systems
Contact : Delphine Morini

Computer Science

Master 2 : Interaction - Human Computer Interaction
Contact : Michel Beaudoin and Anastasia Bezerianos

Master 2 : Data knowledge
Contact : Silviu Maniu

Other international diplomas

A lot of other international diplomas exist at our University. English taught undergraduate programme, French as a Foreign Language, Offshore programmes, ...

Law, Economics and management

Bachelor : Foreign Languages and civilisations diploma combined with an undergraduate degree in Law or Economics-Management
Contact : Isabelle Guirriec

Economics and management

Bachelor : Offshore undergraduate programme taught in Hanoi
Partner Countries : Vietnam
Contact : Isabelle Guirriec

Master 2 : University Diploma in Evolutions of Chinese Companies
Partner Countries : China
Contact : Isabelle Guirriec


Master : English taught offshore programme linked to the Master Electrical Engeneering
Partner Countries : Vietnam
Contact : Arnaud Bournel

Master : English taught offshore programme in Material Science and Nanotechnology
Partner Countries : Vietnam
Contact : Philippe Lecoeur

Bachelor (3rd year) : Entirely English taught 3rd year of Physics (Bachelor)
Contact : Patrick Puzo

Computer Science

Bachelor (3rd year) and Master : Offshore programme in Buisiness Informatics
Partner Countries : Egypt
Contact : Emmanuel Waller

Sciences and language

Master : University Diploma in French as a Foreign Language
Contact : Laurence Peyraud