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Degrees at Paris-Sud University (Taught in French)


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A wide variety of research-based courses of study

  • Law, Economics, Management
  • Medicine, Pharmacy
  • Science: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Earth Sciences
  • Technology, Engineering Sciences
  • Sport and Physical Education

Programs and degrees

Paris-Sud University shares 20 doctoral schools and co-ordinates 33 of the 43 Master's degrees of Paris-Saclay University. It also offers 6 Master's degrees of its own, 11 Bachelor's degrees and 31 vocational degrees in the fields of Science-Technology-Health, Law-Economics-Management and Sports.

You can find more informations in english about the Master's degrees on Paris-Saclay University website

Innovative teaching methods for new audiences

Our teaching and learning policy is based on the twin goals of giving students a first-rate education and providing training and career opportunities for our graduates. At its heart lie diverse approaches such as orientation sessions for future students, special procedures designed to help students who have just arrived or who wish to change courses, tutoring, computer-assisted learning, intensive language courses together with assistance in order to facilitate international mobility, and the promotion of culture and sport in the various curricula. All courses are geared towards employability, including courses "for research and through research": Master's (research) and PhDs. A number of courses provide direct access to the job market: DEUST, DUT, vocational degrees (licence professionnelle) and vocational Master's degrees (master professionnel), medicine, pharmacy, and engineering.

Focus on employment

Through its employment and internship office and employment observatory, Paris-Sud offers graduates the tools they need to help them make a successful transition from university to the world of work, together with information on career and job opportunities.